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Real Talk. Without All the Yelling.

You told us you like listening to talk radio, but can't stand talk hosts that yell at you all day long on the old AM, like the Bloviating Blowhard and Shill Hannitty. So we've built an all-new talk station on our sister station. Tune to The New 99.1FM or 920AM KGX for authentic, compelling, interesting talk.

We call it Real Talk. Talk radio without all the fake outrage. Talk radio that doesn't insult your intelligence. This isn't your crazy Uncle Al's idea of talk radio.

Click the KGX logo to the left to visit The New 99.1FM or 920AM KGX website. Live & Better talk radio for the Desert.

Original Songs. Original Artists.

Find the KWXY Mobile app in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Simply search 'KWXY Radio' to locate it, or click the apropos logo above for the direct link to the app.

Listen to KWXY and our sister station KGX, and see the Titles and Artists of each song as it's played. Vote Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on each song, set a timer to sleep or wake, and get current weather and traffic in the app.

KWXY Mobile App

"Alexa, Play KWXY..."

Listen to KWXY through your Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. Simply wake your smart speaker, asking to "Play KWXY Radio on TuneIn", and you'll be enjoying the soothing, relaxing sounds of 92.3 FM in no time. Our AAC stream is also in the StreamS app.

And, just like our on-line and mobile app stream, it's HD stereo fidelity. If you're using the Echo Dot, plug the feed into your stereo amplifier or receiver and enjoy better-than-FM audio from KWXY.

Unlike today's "social media", Radio is regulated by the FCC. Advertisers know who they're reaching when they advertise on local Radio. There's no Russian bots or fake accounts with local Radio, like you may have been paying to reach with Facebook advertising. And KWXY and KGX have never had a Facebook page. We've always known they collect and aggregate your information (they try to sell it to us). Plus, we think Zuckerberg is a smug, arrogant, little twit.

Radio: The Original Social Media

Jukebox Saturday Night on KWXY

You Learn Something New Every Day

Do you know more than your kids do? More importantly, do you know what it’s like to be a student today? It’s not like it was when we were kids.

Join Palm Springs Unified School District’s Coordinator of Communications Joan Boiko to learn more about what’s happening in and around our school campuses with guests from the District as well as community partners. You Learn Something New Every Day Sundays at 9 a.m on 92.3 FM KWXY.

Miss a show, or want to hear it again? Find the most recent show in the KWXY On Demand section of our on-line and mobile apps.

Listen throughout the day for 92-minutes of continuous, commercial-free, music on 92.3 FM KWXY.

When you hear long, 92-minute music sweeps, several times, every day, you know you're listening to 92.3 FM KWXY.

92-Minute Music Sweeps.

KWXY is the station in the desert to hear Big Band & Swing music --- every hour, and now every Saturday night. Join us for Jukebox Saturday Night for the best Big Band & Swing music every Saturday, from 7pm - 12midnight on KWXY.

KGX Local News Update

Patrick Johnson's Newscast

What was that song?

Now you can see what song we're playing in real time while you listen to our on-air stream (click Listen Live at top of page).

As an added bonus, if you're listening to our stream you can send us a "Thumbs-up" or "Thumbs-down" on the songs you like or don't like. More ways to enjoy Relaxing Music - 92.3 FM KWXY.

No lame Michael Buble, Harry Connick or Reese Witherspoon covers here... KWXY plays the original versions of the songs you know and love, by the original artists --- Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and more. And KWXY is the only Palm Springs radio station that plays familiar instrumentals, as well as vocal favorites. Relaxing Music for the desert; 92.3 FM and 1340 AM KWXY.

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