The Stephanie Miller Show
Weekdays 6am-9am, Saturday 8am-10am

Stephanie grew up as an ugly child on the mean streets of Lockport, NY. She attended private Catholic school for 12 years, not surprising for the daughter of a prominent Republican. Her father, William E. Miller, was a 14-year congressman and RNC chairman for 3 years. He guaranteed his inclusion in almanacs by being Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1964. If he had been a Democrat, Fox News would sum up his career as "failed vice-presidential candidate Bill Miller."

At some point, Stephanie stopped being Republican, Catholic, and ugly.

After years of meticulous planning, Stephanie jumps on the progressive talk bandwagon with a radio show named (--wait for it--) The Stephanie Miller Show. The original working title was considered too lengthy (Jim Ward's Voice Extravaganza hosted by Stephanie Miller). Things are a bit dicey until George W. Bush is "re-elected" in November, thus ensuring four more years of material.